How does SoldNest work?

Our simple (and no-cost) process ensures you’re matched with a local expert who will prioritize your sale and help you achieve the maximum price for your home. From agent qualification to hassle-free selection, SoldNest starts your home selling journey with confidence.

Leverage our expertise — without paying us

We know you might be wondering: If our service is free, and if agents can’t pay us to be recommended, then how does SoldNest make money?

We receive the industry-standard referral fee from the company an agent works for only if you successfully sell your home.

Here’s how that works…

We receive numerous applications every day from agents across the country wanting to join our platform. Our strict vetting process eliminates many. The ones who meet our requirements cannot pay us any upfront or monthly fees — ever. The only way they’re allowed to be recommended is by maintaining a reputable track record, providing outstanding service, and agreeing to never lock a home seller we refer to them into a contract.

When you inquire with us, we implement our screening process to find the best qualified agent who you think is the right fit — but if you’re not satisfied with any agent we match you with, no problem — our service doesn’t cost you anything and there’s no obligation.

If you do decide an agent we recommend is a good fit, then SoldNest earns a standard broker-to-broker referral fee from the company the agent works for — only after your home is sold (our broker’s license allows us to operate as a marketplace that receives these industry-standard fees).

The referral fee is the same for every agent we match you with and does not impact the service you receive or the commission our partner agents charge. In fact, we’ve had agents offer to pay us a higher fee in exchange for introductions, which we have never done and never will do.

This model is beneficial for everyone involved. Our service is free for you, the agents we match sellers with gain new clients, and SoldNest is motivated to find you the agent who is best qualified to quickly sell your house for the maximum price.

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Tell us about your home What type of property are you selling? Where is it located? What’s your timeframe? Answer several questions so we can learn more about your property and selling situation. Then, shortly after, an expert from our team will review it and send you a text to finalize your request and answer any questions.
Screenshot of a question a home seller answers on the SoldNest website when inquiring to be matched with a local listing agent
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We’ll find your best match(es) We’ll notify you and share our analysis of your recommended agent
(your choice of up to 3) so you can see why they’re a great match.
We meticulously analyze local agents using real estate agent sales data, client reviews, and agent interviews. We’ll find you the perfect match and send you our analysis so you can see why (typically within 24 hours). And if you'd like to connect with multiple agents, we can match you with up to three.
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You choose if they’re the right fit We'll make the introduction but you decide if they're a good fit for you. Any agent we qualify will introduce themselves to you so you can learn more about their plan to get your home sold for the maximum price. You can start with a brief phone call and schedule a walk-through of your home if you think they're a potential fit after speaking to them. You'll learn about their analysis of your property and how they'll make your sale easier and more profitable. Then, you can decide if they're a good fit for you.
Screenshot of a listing agent's profile recommended by SoldNest after a match has been made
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Hire them with no risk If you’re not 100% satisfied after hiring an agent verified by SoldNest, you can cancel your agent agreement at any time — without owing any commissions. Part of our vetting process is ensuring that any agent we match you with will allow you to cancel the agreement you sign with them. If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your agent, you will not be liable for any agent commissions — and you can either hire another agent outside of SoldNest or we can find you another match.
Screenshot of a SoldNest recommended listing agent with a button that shows the agent has been hired by the seller

We do the vetting.
You do the choosing.

Let us do the heavy lifting (for free!) so you can have confidence you’re choosing the right agent.

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